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Custom Page Templates

A custom page lets you use a different layout from the rest of your website. Many websites use custom page layouts for their sales pages, landing pages, webinar pages, and more.

Register page templates

Add or edit your register.json file

    "templates": {
        "home": {
            "label": "Home",
            "view": "theme::templates.home",
            "blocks": {
                "content": {
                    "label": "Content"
        "support": {
            "label": "Support",
            "view": ""
  • theme::templates.home, is View dispaly template
  • blocks Define blocks for template

The files defining each page template are found in your Themes directory. To create a new custom page template for a page you must create a file in templates directory. Let's call our first page template for our page home.twig. At the top of the home.twig file, put the following:

{% extends 'cms::layouts.frontend' %}

{% block content %}
    {# Your template content #}
{% endblock %}
  • cms::layouts.frontend is the default layout with added styles. You can replace it with an existing template in your theme.

  • block content is block default shows content in layout.