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Assets folder

The assets folder structure of a Theme includes:

├── assets
    ├── public
        ├── css
            └── styles.min.css
        ├── fonts
            ├── font.otf
            ├── font.eot
        ├── images
            ├── loading.png
            ├── screenshot.png
        └── js
            └── script.min.js
    └── styles
        ├── css
            └── styles.css
        └── js
            └── script.js
    ├── mix.js

All folders and files in the public directory will be published when you run command:

php artisan theme:publish {theme-name}

By default, file public/images/screenshot.png will be displayed as a Theme thumbnail in the admin interface admin-cp/themes.


You can use the theme_asset() function to get the url to your asset file.

function theme_asset(string $path, string $theme = null): ?string
  • Parameters
    • @param string $path: Path to file assets
    • @param string $theme: Theme name (Default is current theme)
    • @return string


<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ theme_asset('css/styles.min.css') }}">

<img src="{{ theme_asset('images/loading.png') }}" alt="Example image">

If you want to get the assets of a specific Theme, add the Theme name to the 2nd param:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ theme_asset('css/styles.min.css', 'default') }}">

Mix assets

Laravel Mix provides a clean, fluent API for defining basic webpack build steps for your applications. Mix supports several common CSS and JavaScript pre-processors. In Juzaweb CMS you can easily use them in each of your themes.

The file assets/mix.js will be the webpack file for your theme, instead of webpack.mix.js in the root folder. See the example below:

const mix = require('laravel-mix');



The script above will mix and minify two files styles.css and script.js to form css/styles.min.css and js/script.min.js files in public folder. To execute them, run command:

yarn run prod --theme={theme-name}

* Don't forget run yarn install to download the packages before mix them

See more documentation Laravel Mix here.