Taking simplicity and sophistication as the core of the design, the Beta shop interface is suitable for a variety of industries from mini supermarket websites, electronics and home appliances business websites ... More info

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1. Why is Betashop suitable for your electronics supermarket website

- Beta shop interface brings website smoothness when navigating and convenience when operating on mobile devices, thereby bringing comfort to customers when making purchases on your website.

- News and product blocks are streamlined and arranged to help customers easily follow and capture information

- Contact page is integrated with Google maps to help customers quickly find your shop address

And other features

- Like other sample interfaces on the store, the Beta shop interface uses Responsive technology to help the website display well on all personal computers, tablets or mobile devices.

- Powerful customization, easy to change colors, fonts, font sizes and other elements, allowing the Beta shop interface to be applied to many different websites or industries.

- Optimize support for SEO, help website quickly climb to the top of Google

2. Beta Shop interface can be applied to the following industries:

Just change the baner, text form, color and a little image, you can comfortably do business online in all industries and website interface Beta shop. However, this interface is still particularly suitable for the following industries:

Supermarket crazy machine

Mini supermarket

Supermarket phone

With the great advantages of the templete website Beta shop, we hope that this will be one of the great interfaces for you to start selling online today.