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Custom Page Templates

Register page templates

Add or edit your register.json file

    // Your code
    "templates": {
        "home": {
            "label": "Home",
            "view": "theme::templates.home", // View template
            "blocks": { // Define blocks for template
                "content": {
                    "label": "Content"
        "support": {
            "label": "Support",
            "view": "" // View template
    // Your code

The files defining each page template are found in your Themes directory. To create a new custom page template for a page you must create a file in templates directory. Let's call our first page template for our page home.twig. At the top of the home.twig file, put the following:

{% extends 'cms::layouts.frontend' %}

{% block content %}
    {# Your template content #}
{% endblock %}
  • cms::layouts.frontend is the default layout with added styles. You can replace it with an existing template in your theme.

  • block content is block default shows content in layout.