To-do list when starting to use Juzaweb


The to-do list will provide the steps you need to take when starting with Juzaweb. Please follow the instructions below to install and put the website into operation officially.

Set up store

  1. Create a sales website with Juzaweb platform, you will have an online store after 30 seconds to use
  2. Add new products that you will be selling, the products should be put into the corresponding category.
  3. Select and install the appropriate interface for Juzaweb's interface repository
  4. Add the domain name you already have or if you haven't already, register a new domain name to showcase branding
  5. Add an introduction page, information about the store to provide more information for your customers
  6. Create product catalogs to organize your products to make it easier for customers to find. For example, you can create product catalogs by category, customer segment, product attribute, seasonal product ...
  7. Create link menu to display content pages created.
  8. Create new articles for customers to have more useful information

Store manager

  1. Configure store information including: Store name, email address working with customers, contact information, currency used by the store ...
  2. Set up payment methods for customers to choose the payment method that suits their needs, with these forms of payment where you will also receive payments.
  3. Store shipping configuration settings will apply to shipping delivery
  4. By following the steps above, you have established the basic information and configuration to help store operations.