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Receive 70% commission

Receive 70% commission

Juzaweb offers one of the highest commission rates. Enjoy a fair pay for your sales.

UI / UX design

No exclusivity required

Your are not tied to our marketplace, you can keep selling your work on your own website.

Front-end development

Set your own prices

Enjoy the freedom of settings your own prices, you can always change pricing when you want.

Digital strategy

Connect to buyers

Juzaweb puts your products in front of thousands of potential buyers and takes care of a large part of the marketing of your products.

Back-end development

Payment & product delivery

You don't have to worry about accepting payments or delivering your product. Juzaweb offers a complete infrastructure that takes care of the sale process, from payment to download delivery.

Mobile development

Network of over 150K+ members

Connect with other developers and designers from all over the globe.

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Register your account for free and active your account by Email.

Upload your Themes or Plugins

Upload your Themes or Plugins

Developed your Themes or Plugins based on Juza CMS then upload it.

Waiting for confirmation from us

Waiting for confirmation from us

We will review your product before it is released to users, which can take 1-2 business days.

Making money

Making money online

Sell and support your customers. Get 70% of your order value.

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