About us

What is Juzaweb?

Juzaweb is a website management and online sales platform. Juzaweb offers stores and retail businesses a comprehensive online sales and management website platform.

Create orders and pay quickly in minutes
Help you design beautiful store website with many modern utilities
Responsive interface, suitable for all industries
Website is optimized SEO to be friendly to search engines, especially Google
Auto connect to online payment units
Buy Online

Sales online right after just one minute

Time and money are two factors that everyone wants to invest optimally. JuzaWeb helps you do both of these: Design a 30-second sales web, update product information, introduce, contact and start selling. Free use of all features for 15 days. When deciding to use, make sure your investment is reasonable

Delivery Worldwide

Warehouse diverse interface, easy customization

JuzaWeb interface repository is not only diversified but also rich in number. All interfaces are designed by leading creative experts. Help increase the rate of conversions from traffic to orders, promote rapid sales growth

Mobile App

Flexible customization, easy editing

No need to be an IT expert, you can still upload your own products, optimize SEO and customize everything on the website as you like. In addition, JuzaWeb also has the flexibility to customize to fit all industries. You can customize a variety of products with integrated tools on the system

Outlet Stores

Search engine optimization - SEO

Juzaweb is designed optimally for architecture and links for search engines right from the development. Links on Juzaweb are very friendly with search engines (especially Google) In addition, the content optimization feature of Juzaweb helps you optimize data easily and proactively.